Roundup Gel

Roundup Gel is an entirely new and unique glyphosate formulation that offers accurate, controlled and efficient application with absolutely no waste.

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Roundup Gel

Roundup Gel is an entirely new and unique glyphosate formulation that offers accurate, controlled and efficient application with absolutely no waste.

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Roundup Gel

Roundup Gel is an entirely new and unique glyphosate formulation that offers accurate, controlled and efficient application with absolutely no waste.

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How to stop weeds

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Eliminating Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed identification

Getting Rid of Weeds

How to kill weeds in my garden

Remove Weeds

Lawn Weed Killer

Getting Rid of Dandelions

Ground elder eradication

How to garden

How to get rid of weeds

Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese knotweed solutions

Kill weeds

Lawn care advice

Types of weeds

Weed Killing

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How Roundup Works

When to spray Roundup

Storage and Disposal

Weed Killer Glossary

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Glyphosate weed killer


Weed and grass killer


What is Roundup Gel?

How does Roundup Gel kill weeds?

Weed killer guide to garden maintenance

Deep Root Weed Killer

The Science behind Roundup weed killer

Why is Roundup effective?

Roundup Weedkiller - The Versatile Herbicide


Garden weed killer products

Weeding information

Weed killer for gardens

Weed killer for lawns

Weed killer for grass

Weed killer for driveways

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Weed killer for patios

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Weed killer for brambles

Weed killer for horsetail

Weed killer for common chickweed

Weed killer for nettles

Weed killer for ground elder

Weed killer for perennial weeds

Weed killer for annual weeds

Weed killer for invasive weeds

Weed killer for trees and stumps

Weed killer for bindweed

Weed killer for broadleaf weeds

Weed killer for roots

Horsetail eradication

Japanese knotweed removal

Japanese knotweed eradication

Japanese knotweed disposal

Japanese knotweed treatment


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More reasons to stock Gel ... the new weeding tool!

Pimp up your Roundup to win

Pimp up your Roundup Terms & Conditions

A strong start to the season for Roundup

Want to move house? Think about kerb appeal!

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed - More info

Glee 2014

Roundup tops the charts

See how we're talking to your customers

Sales Grow ‘N Grow for Pump ‘N Go

Secure sales with eye-catching displays from Roundup

HTA says in-store theatre is key

The UK’s favourite big sprayer weedkiller

Roundup Academy 2015

Pimp Up Your Roundup is back!

Show me your Garden with Roundup Gel

£2m media spend in 2015

Roundup Gel Game

Is Roundup Weedkiller Safe ?

Is Roundup Weedkiller Safe for Dogs or Cats ?

Roundup Weedkiller Safety

Spotlight on…Dandelions

Got weeds in your paths, drives or patios?

Why is Roundup safe?

Gel is still a big hit with gardeners

A great start to 2015

Spotlight on...bindweed

Top garden tips from Chelsea

Cookie Category Chart

Giant Hogweed

More good news from Roundup at this year’s Glee!

Roundup still number one with gardeners

New for 2016 – Roundup Optima+

Pimp Up Your Roundup 2016

Spotlight On… Hairy Bittercress

Roundup Optima+

Buy Roundup Weedkiller

Prepare for Japanese Knotweed surge

Roundup Academy 2016

Pimp up Your Roundup now!

Pump N Go Tough On Weeds

More good news from Roundup at Glee 2016

Roundup still number one

New for 2017

Telescopic Gel Wand

Roundup Tough Gel

Path and Drive

Pump 'N Go 5.0L

test GA

ga test 2

Safety Data Sheets

Gel Wand

Can I use Roundup if I have pets and children at home?

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Our weedkillers

Our weedkillers

Roundup Total Gel 150ml

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use 1.0L

Roundup Total Fast Action Ready to Use 3.0L

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Pump N Go 5.0L

Roundup Fast Action Spray Ready 5.0L

Roundup Tough Ultra Concentrate 1000ml

Roundup Tree Stump Super Concentrate 250ml

Roundup Tough Ready to Use 1.0L

Roundup Tough Ready to Use 3.0L

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Pump N Go 2.5L

Roundup Fast Action Spray Ready 2.5L

Roundup Tough Fast Action Ready to Use Pump N Go 2.5L

Roundup Tough Fast Action Spray Ready 2.5L

Roundup Tough Ultra Concentrate 500ml

Roundup Optima+
Liquid Concentrate

Roundup Optima+
Liquid Concentrate

Roundup Optima+
Liquid Concentrate

Roundup Path Ready to Use 1.0L

Roundup Path Pump N Go 5.0L

Roundup Path Spray Ready Refill 5.0L

Roundup Path Liquid Concentrate 280ml

Roundup Path Gel 150ml

Roundup Tough Gel 100ml

Roundup Gel Wand

Roundup Optima+
Liquid Concentrate

Roundup Videos

Roundup Videos

Pimp Up Your Roundup 2018

Roundup Academy 2018

#LOVEYOURSPACE - A Jungle Garden

#LOVEYOURSPACE - The Barbican Balcony

#LOVEYOURSPACE - Small Country Garden

#LOVEYOURSPACE - An Inner-City Balcony

How To Use The Roundup Gel Wand

Removing Nettles by a Wall

Removing Nettles in Your Lawn

Removing Nettles in a Hedge

Removing Nettles in Gravel

Removing Nettles in a Flowerbed

Removing Nettles by a Fence

Removing Nettles in Decking

Removing Nettles in a Patio

Removing Ivy in a Wall

Removing Ivy in a Patio

Removing Ivy in Your Lawn

Removing Ivy in a Hedge

Removing Ivy in a Flowerbed

Removing Ivy in Decking

Removing Ivy in a Fence

Removing Brambles in a Hedge

Removing Brambles in a Flowerbed

Removing Brambles in a Fence

Removing Brambles in a Wall

Removing Bindweed on a Wall

Removing Bindweed in a Fence

Removing Bindweed in a Flowerbed

Removing Bindweed in a Patio

Removing Bindweed in a Lawn

Removing Bamboo in your Lawn

Removing Bamboo in Gravel

Removing Bamboo in Flowerbed

Removing Bamboo in your Fence or Hedge

Removing Bamboo by a Wall

Removing Dandelions in your Lawn

Removing Dandelions in your Patio or Path

Removing Dandelions in your Patio or Path with Pump N Go

Removing Dandelions in your Patio or Path with Ready To Use

Removing Dandelions in a Flowerbed

How to kill a tree stump with Roundup Tough Gel

How to kill tree a stump with Roundup Tough Concentrate

How to kill weeds on Paths and Patios with Pump n Go

How to treat weeds on hard surfaces with Ready to Use

How to treat weeds on hard surfaces with Ready to Use

How to use Roundup Tough Concentrate

Roundup Gel Total and Tough

Roundup Gel Total, Path and Tough

How to kill Tough weeds in flower beds

How to prepare a flower bed by killing weeds

How to use Roundup Concentrate weedkiller with a Sprayer

Gardening Goddesses Roundup Gel Wand

Gel Wand TV Advert

Jobs to do in the garden over Easter

Getting rid of tree stumps

Treating Horsetail

Getting Started with Pump N Go

Introducing Pump N Go

Mini Pump N Go

Pump N Go Saves Time

How long does it take Roundup to work?

Roundup Pump N Go Mini

1 Litre Ready to Use Preparation

1 Litre Ready to Use Application

5 Litre Pump N Go Preparation

5 Litre Pump N Go Application

Roundup 3 Litre Ready to Use Spray Application

Roundup 5 Litre Pump N Go Fence Application

Roundup Concentrate Preparation

Roundup Concentrate Spray Application

Roundup Concentrate Rinsing Application

Using Roundup Gel to Get Rid of Nettles and Cleavers

Using Roundup Gel to get rid of dandelions

Getting rid of weeds in your gravel, patio and by the shed

Tackling brambles with Roundup XL

Removing Bindweed and Sow Thistles

Tree Stump Killer

Roundup for Removing Clover

Clearing Large Areas of Weeds

Getting rid of weeds on a driveway

How to get rid of Bindweed

Roundup Gel TV Advert

Roundup Concentrated weedkiller

How to get rid of weeds in lawn

How to use Roundup gel

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Roundup still work next season if I have some left over?

If I have some Roundup left over how long can I keep it knowing it will still work?

How long can I store my Roundup after purchase?

Why is Roundup safe?

How do I kill brambles?

How do I kill weeds in my lawn?

How do I kill dandelions?

How do I kill nettles?

Does Roundup kill wildlife?

Will Roundup make a tree stump disappear quickly?

How do I use Roundup to kill a Tree Stump?

When can I treat a cut tree stump?

How much Roundup do I need to kills a tree stump?

What is the pipette for in the Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer box?

How do I use Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer?

Can Roundup kill tree stumps?

Can a Roundup product kill trees?

How do I get started using my brand new Pump 'N Go Sprayer?

How do I get the lid off of my Pump 'N Go Sprayer?

Is my Pump 'N Go refillable?

Why is it that I can't pump my Pump 'N Go Sprayer as many times when it's full then when it's not full?

What should I do if the spray button on the wand sticks in the "on" position and won't stop spraying?

What should I do if my Pump 'N Go Sprayer has a weak spray?

What should I do if the wand won't spray; there is no tension in the spray button?

What should I do if my Pump 'N Go sprayer won't hold/build pressure?

Can I use Roundup Gel when it is windy?

Can I keep Roundup Gel until next year?

How does Gel kill the weed?

Is there a video of how to use Roundup Gel?

The print on the label is quite small, can I see a label in your website?

When is the best time of the year to treat weeds with Roundup Gel?

Why is there a silver foil under the blue cap?

What makes Gel so precise?

Does Gel have any colour?

How do I open the Gel applicator?

How many weeds can I kill with Roundup Gel?

Why are there white marks on my patio/driveway/path after using Roundup?

How should I store my Roundup when not in use?

How can I safely dispose of any left over Roundup?

Why should we control weeds?

What is a weed?

Can Roundup kill and control Japanese Knotweed?

Some weeds are irritant is that true?

How do I kill Ground Elder?

How do I kill Bindweed?

What is an annual weed?

What is a perennial weed?

Can I use Roundup Concentrates in a watering can?

How much Roundup concentate do I need to use in my sprayer?

When is it safe for my children to play out again after using Roundup products?

Can I use Roundup products in my garden if I have cats or dogs?

Will Roundup kill earthworms?

Can Roundup products kill Bees?

Are the Roundup products approved by the government?

Do I need to wear protective clothing when using Roundup products?

Will Roundup kill my fish?

Can I use Roundup products on weeds in my pond?

Can Roundup travel from the roots of the weed to the roots of the plants I want to keep?

How long does Roundup remain active in the soil?

What is the active ingredient of Roundup?

What is a residual weedkiller?

What is a contact weedkiller?

What does 'systemic' mean?

Can I keep left over Roundup product mixed in my tank sprayer until next year?

Can I keep left over Roundup Ready to use until next year?

Can I keep left over Roundup Concentrate until next year?

What should I do if I accidentally get Roundup on the plants I want to keep?

What happens if I get Roundup on the soil?

Can I apply Roundup products if its raining or rain is expected soon?

Can I apply Roundup products if its windy?

How long does it take for a Roundup product to enter the weed?

What are the origins of Roundup?

Can I put it on stronger? Will that work better?

Does the Concentrate need using up straight away after mixing?

Difference between Ready to Use and Concentrate?

How long does it need before rainfall?

Does it harm the soil, persist in the soil, poison ground etc..?

Can it be used on patios?

Can Roundup kill Japanese Knotweed?

Will it kill tough weeds such as Horsetail?

Will it kill ivy weeds?

Will it kill moss or algae?

Why has it killed the grass?

Will it kill grass?

Roundup seems quite expensive; why is that?

Why have weeds re-grown after several weeks?

When can I replant/reseed after use?

When can my children/pets return to the treated area?

Why aren’t my weeds dead yet?

Our Guide to Garden Weeds

Our Guide to Garden Weeds




Japanese Knotweed


Creeping Thistle



The quick route to killing roots

Hedge Bindweed

Couch Grass

Small standing trees

Broad Leaf Dock



Ground Elder

Hairy Bittercress

Fat Hen


Annual Meadow Grass


Vegetable plant maintenance

What to know about glyphosate

Garden maintenance: Lawn care

How to get rid of plantain

Best period to do a vegetable garden

How to get rid of dandelion

Garden maintenance: lawn replanting

How to get rid of nettles

How to get rid of ivy

What is the best weedkiller?

How to get rid of Japanese knotweed

Garden weeds identification

Is Roundup a strong weedkiller?

January: your mid-winter weekend gardening plan

What to plant now for a plentiful spring

Creating the ideal indoor winter garden

A look back at the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2017

The best gardening tech of 2017 so far

Transforming your space in preparation for winter

#LOVEYOURSPACE - A Jungle Garden

7 tips to prepare your garden for autumn

A guide to autumn’s best gardening events

How to weatherproof your garden

Heatwave causes hogweed chaos for gardeners

Grow your own herbs

How to maintain your garden planters

Growing wild: the latest gardening trend

7 time-saving gardening hacks

Tackling Ivy : ask the expert

Urban hacks: growing fruit and veg

5 hacks for a 30-minute garden makeover

5 upcycled planter ideas

Make your small space feel bigger

How to transform your balcony

5 easy-to-care for perennials

How to identify your garden weeds

How to transform your small garden

5 money-saving steps to a smarter small garden

Paving your garden space

Out with the old

Caring for Your Plants in Spring

Replanting a Lawn

Trädgård – Ta hand om din gräsmatta

Managing Your Fruit Garden in March

Keeping on Top of Your Vegetable Calendar in March

When is the Best Time to Remove Weeds ?

Garden Maintenance – Step Into Spring

Hedges, lawns & common couch grass

All the leaves are brown

Start planning for next summer

Reap what you sow

Late summer garden care

Know your weeds

Taking care of the lawn

Water, water, Water

Taking care of your fruit and vegetable plants

Garden Pest Control

Don’t forget the winter plants

Making sure your garden is fresh and ready for the busy months.

Removing tree stumps with Systemic Root Killer

How to keep your Garden Healthy in Summer ?

Summer advice for your Kitchen garden

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